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Day 2 Murray KY Video!

Day 2 in Murray!! What an UNFORGETTABLE DAY!

We are about 2 days behind with our video editing so hang in there, final day in Murray to come.

  1. Jeffrey James

    Since it wasn’t mentioned in the video and my curiosity has again gotten the best of me, I find it necessary to venture an educated guess as to how many fish Bob caught. Here goes- please play along. I am thinking of a number. Can you guess what it is?

    Hint: Using the fabled lore of Bob’s fishing successes past as a guide, I have developed an intricate scientific formula to assist in the prognostication: (TB+TP) x 2

    1. Take the comined total number of bonefish (TB) that Bob caught on his first three trips to Grand Bahama.

    2. Add the total number of pike (TP) that Bob caught on Lake Au Train over Memorial Day Weekend 2012.

    3. Multiply by 2 (the standard exaggerative coefficient for fishing in the Western Hemisphere).

    What do you get?

  2. Nancy Bender

    What a adventure! I don’t think I would have Jumped from the cliff even 50 years ago.