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Carrying on the Legacy

By Amanda Pflugrad

Once the Best of the Road Kick Off commenced in Washington DC the RV crew packed up our things and hit the road for a five-week road trip. Our first stop on the route for Gary, Bob, Zach, Andrew, Allison and myself was in Watertown, NY. Upon our arrival we met Sandi McKenna and Rick Griffin, team MidLife Road Trip, to cover their search to find the most patriotic small town in America.

Watertown, NY is home of the Fort Drum Army Base and comprised of troops and their families. This small town embraces and is centered on the members of our armed forces. Sandi, whose father served in the military, spoke about patriotism and their trip thus far.

“My father was incredibly patriotic, he loved his country, he served his country, so I couldn’t have thought of a better category for us,” Sandi said. Meeting the people has been the number one privilege of this trip and it’s really about connecting with the people.”

Rick spoke about his thoughts on Watertown and how the town celebrates patriotism.

“It’s not just about the things you see and do in a town but when the place actually changes you that says a lot,” Rick said.  I have a deeper respect for our armed forces and the sacrifices not only they make but also their families.”

All of the teams this year have personal reasons as to why they decided to apply for Best Of The Road. Both Sandi and Rick share a similar bond in choosing to do it for family. Rick’s father who suffers from emphysema is limited in what he is able to do because of his health. By partaking on this journey Rick believes he is experiencing life for his father.

“My dad has even been calling us everyday to check in and get updates on the road,” Rick said jokingly.

Sandi believes that she was meant to be a part of this road trip after her father passed away last year.

“I grew up on a series of motorhomes traveling with my family,” Sandi said.  It was my dad’s dream to go across the country. I feel like this is my legacy and that my dad is with us on this journey.”