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Whirlwind Couple of Days

The past two days have been a whirlwind of training and information.  Right now we’re feeling a little overwhelmed, but our excitement has elevated to a new level.  We’re really anxious to get started, but there’s still a bit of stuff that needs to take place, namely the official kick-off tomorrow morning.

Last night we were on our own for dinner, so Brian and I checked out an Ethiopian place just down the street from our hotel. Neither of us had tried Ethiopian food before, and was very interested in the experience.  When we told our server this was our first time, her eyes got really wide with disbelieve…it was very endearing.  With a bit of guidance, we ordered a couple of dishes and shared them.  Ethiopian food is consumed using your hands via a spongy bread called, “Injera,” which is subtly similar to naan, the Indian variety. The food was completely unique and enjoyable…we’d highly recommend checking out: Dama while in Arlington, VA.

After a couple hours of media training, the teams went with their respective Travel Channel chase teams to film some intro spots for the “Best of the Road” show that will air on July 25th at 8pm EST.  We got a great opportunity to see the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument.

After five hours of shooting, we headed back to the hotel for a team dinner on the 16th floor of the Sheraton Nation Hotel, which provides wonderful views of the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery, Washington Monument and other famous landmarks.

We’ve had such a wonderful time getting to know the other teams, as well as the huge staff behind the scenes, we’re a bit disappointed that they can’t all come with us tomorrow as we officially begin the rally.

Tomorrow is the big day, the day that we all learn what category we get, so check in daily to read more from team: Road Bros.