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Team Road Bros en Route

By Team Road Bros

It started by counting off the weeks, then the days, and soon it will just be mere hours before the start of the Rally. For the past few days we’ve been contemplating what to take on such an adventure, but have come to the realization that we’ll likely forget a thing or two—hopefully it will be something we can pick up along the way. No doubt we’ll have a preemptive Homer Simpson “D’oh!!!” or two.

We eagerly await to meet the other teams and excellent staff from Rand McNally and USA TODAY that probably put thousands of hours into putting this shin dig together. Orientation should be a lot of fun as we get to learn new things about the other finalists, social media, and maybe even ourselves. However, once orientation is over, the gloves are coming off. Mainly because it is hard to operate a camera with gloves on. :-)

Are we ready? HA! How can someone fully prepare for an experience of a lifetime??? If you have the secret, we’d love to hear it.

D.C.! Team Road Bros en route!

  1. Santa's Candy Castle

    Hope you’re having a great trip so far! We’d like to invite you to stop by Santa’s Candy Castle in Santa Claus, Indiana to try our famous Frozen Hot Chocolate (currently the top vote-getter in the Best Dessert category). We’re just a couple hours south of one of Bloomington, Indiana — one of the finalist towns in your category. We promise it will be worth a stop!

    • RoadBros

      Thanks Kevin. Our time is very, very limited, but if we happen to pass through on our way to Santa Fe, we’ll certainly stop in. Thanks for the invite! Much appreciated.

  2. Michelle Liberty

    Save plenty of room for some really good food and awesome wines in Walla Walla, WA. You are in for a great surprise!

    By the way, any food allergies?

    Michelle Liberty

    • RoadBros

      Hey Michelle, we have a long drive from Santa Fe to Walla Walla, so I have no doubt we’ll be hungry and ready! No, no food allergies.

  3. Jude Russo Caserta

    We hope you pack your appetite!

    A wise friend once told me that you don’t go on vacation to lose weight or save money.

    Be safe and see you in Lewiston NY!


    • RoadBros

      Hey Jude, thanks so much! Oh, BTW…your friend speaks the truth. :-) Mike – ROAD BROS

  4. Julie Glover

    My mom always told me to “Pack a sense of humor and a comfortable pair of shoes.” We hope to see you in Denton, Texas soon!

  5. pat handwerk

    Hi there,
    If you get to be the team for the Most Beautiful category,
    we’ll see you soon!
    If not, enjoy your trip of a lifetime!
    Pat, Jim Thorpe, Pa