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Living by Less is More

By Anna Haas

There’s lots to do to prepare for a month on the road! My Grandma always used to tell me, “Pack everything you think you need…and then take half of it out.” A wise woman.

It’s sometimes hard to live by the motto “less is more,” but it’s a mantra that I continually repeat to myself. We all long for simplicity, and I try to keep that in mind. But, I like my clothes and my jewelry and my books! I’ll try to find a balance. I grab the most important things first, that I want to be sure not to forget–my personal journal, my camera and memory cards, my SPF 100 sunscreen! (That’s right. They do in fact make SPF 100. It is the summer y’all, and a pale redhead can’t be too careful.)

My cat tried to hop in my suitcase too. Sorry Buddy, I don’t think you’d like being cooped up in a car for 30 days. So much to do and so little time to prepare! Laundry, bank, meeting up with a friend who’s been borrowing my sunglasses–I’m gonna need those. I’m making a list, checking it off, and then hitting the road!

I have no idea what to expect, but I’m open for just about anything. It’s just us, the road, and whatever we cross along the way. I can’t imagine anything more exciting. Here we come America!