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Captain and Clark’s First Week of RV Living

By Captain and Clark

Well, Friday marked our one week milestone of RV living. In the past seven days we’ve passed through six different states, attended a huge RV rally, people watched NASCAR fans in Dover, and visited more Camping Worlds than we can count. Since this is our very first time living on an RV, we wanted to celebrate and share the achievement.

Here’s a little peek at what life on the Best of the Road RV is like.

Before we hit the open road, we always start up our Rand McNally RVND 7710. This handy GPS is made specifically for RVs. Unlike other GPS systems, this one asks the class of your RV, amount of propane tanks, width, height, weight, and much more. With these classifications, your GPS will never take you on a route with low clearance bridges or narrow tunnels.

Once our GPS is programmed, we settle into our roles.

Bob is the driver. With over 40 years of experience, we know that we’re in good hands. While Bob is skilled at the wheel, he’s also a master in the kitchen. He’s prepared us breakfast on more than one occasion and let us tell you, it was delicious.

With Bob at the wheel, Chris plays the role of the co-pilot and chief navigator. We have no excuse if we get lost since we not only have our RVND GPS, but also two Rand McNally Road Atlases.

While the guys are at the front, I remain at the controls in the back. This allows me to write posts, upload pictures, and well… nap. It also makes for some pretty great people watching. I’ve witnessed couple fights, nose pickers, and Big Mac jugglers galore. You can see me posted at my favorite window above.

We’ve had an absolute blast on the road and we can’t wait to see what week two has in store for us. There are only a few weeks left until Best of the Road 2.0 officially kicks off and we are so excited to meet up with this year’s teams in Washington D.C. Be sure to check them our for yourself at bestoftheroad.com