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RV Travel with Cats

Photo courtesy of Flickr user skrits

Believe it or not there are quite a few RVers out there traveling with cats, like us. Here are a few tips on how to prepare you cats for a new life on the road.

Determine what type of cat you have:

  • Inside Only – If your cat darts for the door every time you open it, this means you’re in for some major training before you hit the road.
  • Outside Only – Don’t expect an outside cat to willingly be ‘stuck’ inside your RV all the time. You’ll need to devote a lot of time walking and stimulating your cat before going on the road. Bring your cats indoors daily to get them used to life inside.
  • Inside and Outside – A great start for an RV-friendly cat. Practice “escaping” and “recall” at your home; understand which toys or treats will get your cat to come back inside when you call them.

Transition your cat to RV travel:

  • Load your cat into a pet carrier and take a few short (20 miles or so) trips in your car. They will likely cry the majority of the time. Do this a few times over a one-week period.
  • Next, take your cats on a drive around town in the RV. Make sure you get some highway travel in on this trip.
  • If all goes well, it’s time to take the cats on their first camping trip. Be cautious for escapees. Don’t assume they won’t run through the screen door. This trip should be focused on pampering your cats with treats, petting, and toys–do everything you can to make them feel comfortable.

There are a few things you must have for your cat while traveling:

  • Hard-sided pet carrier – A soft-sided carrier is not sturdy and many cat hotels only allow a hard sided carrier.
  • Airtight food storage – BPA-free airtight containers will keep pests out of any extra food you have on board (and keeps the food fresh).
  • Microchip – Make sure your cats have a microchip with your current phone numbers in case they get lost during travel.
  • Elastic pet collar – A standard breakaway collar will simply ‘pop’ off under any stress leaving your cat without I.D. tags.
  • Veterinarian papers – Keep your cats up to date on their shots and keep the records inside your RV. If there is an emergency or if you need to board your pet, you will be required to show papers.
  • Prescriptions – You can have prescriptions mailed to your campground or USPS “General Delivery” in the town you’re staying in.
  • Good litter – An RV is a small space, so purchase the best odor-fighting litter you can find.

With a little training and some extra special pampering, your cats will be ready to hit the road with you! Just ask our cats Singa or Cleo, they’ll tell you RV life is the tops!