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How to Make the Most of an RV Show

We’re headed to Phoenix this week for the first Good Sam Rally of the year, so we asked a pair of savvy RVers for some advice! Jason and Nikki Wynn, our 2011 Best of the Road Rally winners, share their insights on how and why you should attend an RV show.

RV shows present a rare opportunity to see a lot of RVs in one place without the need to drive from dealer to dealer. However, if you don’t know how to attend an RV show, it can be extremely overwhelming.

Shows are the safest places for “newbies” — those who want to purchase an RV one day. They can ask questions and pop in and out of RVs without the fear of being trapped by a high-pressure salesman.

Here are 7 Tips on attending an RV show:

  1. Know before you go: Think about how you want to use your RV and where you will want to take it. Where do you plan to store it? What’s your budget (super important)? How do you plan to finance it? Potential buyers should arrange financing ahead of time if they plan to use financing outside of the dealer (be sure to look into).
  2. Wear comfy shoes: Shows are big and it can easily take four or five hours to cover the entire show. There will be places to rest but if you’re on a mission, you will be too excited to sit.
  3. Stop at the info desk: Show directories and schedules are usually near the front door. There are RV related products as well as RV’s at the show. Spend some time checking out all the cool gadgets and helpful seminars.
  4. Ask questions: There will be dozens of dealers, manufacturers, representatives, expert speakers, and of course fellow RVers. Take advantage of their presence and write a short list of your biggest questions so you don’t forget when the moment arises.
  5. Take a test drive: Sit on the furniture, lie on the bed, pretend to cook a meal and take a shower! Check everything out! Most importantly, if you think you have found a top pick, test drive it.
  6. Stay Focused: Don’t wander into RVs that you would never consider buying. At least not until you have done what you came to accomplish.
  7. Get a free return pass: If you need some extra thinking time, ask for a free return pass. The biggest mistake you can make is buying on impulse. There’s a lot of energy at a show and the sales people can be very convincing. Avoid the temptation to buy on the spot. The deal won’t go away over night; they will want the sale just as much the next day.

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