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Our President’s Day Weekend Picks

Mt. Rushmore Grand View Terrace

Photo by Richie Diesterheft

From the 2011 Most Patriotic Small Town in America to our most historic road trip stops, we have plenty of ideas for the long weekend from sea to shining sea.

  1. Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park (Sacremento, CA) We begin on the west coast before the Gold Rush era even. John Sutter established this first European settlement in Sacramento in 1839 with blacksmith, carpentry, and blanket shops you can still visit today.
    –Be sure to visit the Governor’s Mansion while in the area.
  2. Wyoming’s Oregon Trail Country (From Cheyenne to Green River, WY) What better way to explore America’s past than along the iconic Oregon Trail? Discover historic forts, natural wonders, and scenic canyons and gorges as you learn American Indian history and follow a path Sacajawea might have led Lewis and Clark along centuries ago.
    –For a coast-to-coast historic road trip, try Captain and Clark’s journey through the Most Patriotic Small Towns in America last summer
  3. Rapid City, SD Moving across America, a road traveler can’t miss Rapid City, our 2011 Most Patriotic Small Town in America. After visiting, Captain and Clark reminded us, “Rapid City sits in the heart of America, geographically and emotionally. It is the center of American progress west, and the pioneering spirit.”
    –The town is a family friendly must-stop and is beautifully captured in a couple of our YouTube videos.
  4. Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail (Omaha, NE) Explore the Louisiana Territory through Oregon Country Lewis and Clark-style. From interpretive centers and parks to historic landmarks and sites, this trail represents the original American adventure each road trip seems to capture a taste of.
    –Also visit the Lewis and Clark National Historic Park further West.
  5. Patriots Point (Mount Pleasant, SC) Voted one of Best of the Road’s Best Historical Monuments, Patriots Point is home to the USS Yorktown and tours and exhibits featuring additional aircrafts, carriers, and a base.
    –Visit the Naval & Maritime Museum daily for educational trips, overnight camping, events or group tours.
  6. Discover America’s Past (From Williamsburg to Yorktown, VA) To experience the country’s colonial period, America’s Historical Triangle is the ideal southern patriotic destination. From Jamestown to Yorktown to Williamsburg, a 2011 Most Patriotic finalist, visitors can’t help but embrace the revolutionary spirit and take pride in America’s story.
    –Watch Captain and Clark’s Williamsburg experience.
  7. John F. Kennedy National Historic Site (Brookline, MA) Further north, find JFK’s birthplace and childhood home may be of interest. See where one of America’s most loved President’s began his own journey and share in Mrs. Kennedy’s memories around the neighborhood.
    –Or try the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library in Virginia.
  8. President’s Park (Washington D.C.) What better road trip stop on President’s Day weekend than the park surrounding the White House? See where every President and presidential family has spent their time since 1933. This National Park combines the Ellipse, Lafayette Park, Sherman Park and the 1st Division Monument, a whole package to enjoy the holiday.
    –You can’t miss the Washington Monument while in the area.

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