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10 Places to Learn Something New on the Road

Skiing and snowboarding lessons

You can’t help but learn as you go when traveling, but these places offer distinct educational opportunities for the most driven road trippers. From line dancing to fly-fishing, continuing your education on the road can add fun to the adventure for the whole family.

  1. Glacier National Park The Glacier Institute at Glacier National Park offers outdoor courses, youth camps, and a discovery school. Learn about the local plants and wildlife, try cross-country skiing, or better understand the region’s history with interactive education in the midst of nature. Educators can arrange field trips for students or anyone curious can sign up for a class online.

  2. Westbrook Wine Farm These winemakers pride themselves on their techniques and value of customers. Ray and Tammy walk visitors through their entire process and spend time over tastings as if with friends. For a warm welcome, good wine, and a unique learning experience, make a reservation to stop by.

  3. The Improv Combine laughing and learning in a comedy class at DC’s funniest comedy club. From boot camp to beginner’s improv, stretch your humor where the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Dave Chappelle have entertained. View course offerings and availability ahead of time, as classes sell out fast.

  4. Billy Bob’s Texas If you’re ever going to dance in public, this is the place to go for it. Jump in to line dancing lessons in the midst of “the world’s largest honky tonk,” where professional bull riding, 40 different bars, famous country music performers, and pool tables are bound to distract from your two left feet.

  5. Mount Sunapee State Park The Mount Sunapee Resort in Mount Sunapee State Park offers ski and snowboard lessons for all ages including courses for adults, children, families, and persons with disabilities. Visit their website to explore their learning center’s offerings.

  6. Ramekins This unique inn offers an entire cooking vacation. Guests stay in one of six rooms decorated with food-themed art and participate in cooking lessons on site. The facility includes a 36-seat demonstration room with mirrors and monitors for optimal viewing, a hands-on restaurant kitchen, wine pairing courses, and private lessons for up to 56 people. Ramekins is an ideal stop for food and wine lovers on a Sonoma trip.

  7. Fox Meadows Golf Course Fox Meadows Country Club offers professional golf lessons from PGA golfer Todd Company and two PGA apprentices. Whether a beginner, junior, or advanced junior, instruction is available on playing, strategy, and even golf course management. Contact the club to make an appointment.

  8. Mississippi Crafts Center Try a variety of craft making from pottery to blacksmithing, basket-weaving, or jewelry-making. Master craftsmen teach the basics to both children and adults, simply visit the site for schedules and availability.

  9. Bella Vista Ranch Learn about olive oil production in a place you may not suspect is ideal for growing olives. This Texas ranch offers a tour educating visitors on their soil and weather conditions as suitable as Italy’s. See how the oil is made and try a tasting of the varied flavors.

  10. International Fly Fishing Center For a crash course on the world of fly-fishing visit the Federation of Fly Fishers’ Discovery Museum. Not only will you learn about the history of the sport, you can view live exhibits in aquariums and take a free fly-casting lesson. Check for seasonal hours when planning your visit.

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