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10 Tidbits from Tripology’s Trend Report

Each quarter Rand McNally’s Tripology releases an update on its customers travel trends—where they’re going, when they book, how long they stay, and how much they spend. We pulled 10 of the most interesting findings from this year’s third quarter to give you the inside scoop. See where people are going and how they’re getting there. You might add some of these popular trips to your list.

  1. For three quarters in a row the top five requested cities were Las Vegas, Orlando, Cancun, Miami, and Honolulu. Try a Hawaiian road trip to Honolulu.
  2. This year’s top 10 requested cities matched those of 2010, except for newcomer Boston. Visit a Boston point of interest.
  3. The top five requested countries this year are the U.S., Mexico, Italy, Bahamas, and Jamaica.
  4. More than two-thirds of Tripology’s consumers have traveled to Western Europe and the Caribbean this year.
  5. Paris and Rome are the most popular Western Europe destinations.
  6. Punta Cana is the leading Caribbean destination.
  7. The vast majority of travelers took trips for less than 8 days, most commonly spending 3-4 days at their destination.
  8. Both in 2010 and 2011, travelers needed more time to prepare for their trips in the third quarter (July-September). Read about preparing for a road trip.
  9. Consumers are gradually spending more on vacations this year as the recession effects wear off. See tips for saving money on a road trip.
  10. Requests for destinations in Asia have risen each quarter this year.

For the full report email press@tripology.com or direct message @Tripology on Twitter.