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And The Winner Is…

Gone With the Wynn’s!

Jason and Nikki Wynn left LA with a $10,000 check and the brand new SAAB 9-4X for their superb coverage of six deserving, friendly towns across the U.S. From Mount Airy, NC to Lake Havasu City, AZ, the Wynn’s interviewed local teenagers in each of the Friendliest small towns to see if even they had nice things to say about their homes.

They captured everyday friendliness, from communities simply interacting with each other to businesses hospitably hosting them, on camera with moving videos and a thousand photos. The Wynn’s mastered American travel from driving over 5,000 miles in their SAAB 9-5 to experiencing a Mayberry police car, a century old fire truck, a private plane, a speed boat, and a hot air balloon.

The pair was treated to tours of a blueberry farm, brewery, vineyard, farmer’s markets, and Wild Adventures theme park. They saw a local rendition of Hairspray, attended a zombie movie screening, danced with an entire town in their amphitheater, and Jason even participated in a pie eating contest.

In the end they learned that friendliness is about more than just hello’s, it’s about people supporting each other, welcoming visitors, and making a difference in their hometown. We hope the Wynn’s spread that friendliness to all of their future destinations and thank them for sharing their experiences along the way. Be sure to see their blogs, videos, and photos in addition to the excellent work from all of our Best of the Road Rally teams.