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Welcome to Pa-ci-fi-cahhhhhh, Pacifica CA

When I have a spare moment to think, I am amazed at how quickly Dan and I have connected with so many truly incredible people on this three-week journey.  The ladies atop this overlook are now are friends, like real friends we could call and ask a favor or advice.  How does that happen in two short days?  This really is a “Most Beautiful” experience for Dan and me. 

Here we are meeting our new friends at Grace McCarthy Vista Point.  Mother Nature brought its white blanket and the ladies brought us a cozy blanket (in the form of a jacket!).  The Mayor, Mary Ann Nihart, also brought us a key to the city of Pacifica along with a bright, warm welcome. 


We got right into experiencing Pa-ci-fi-cahhhh…..make sure you really enunciate each syllable….  The ladies took us for coffee at Chit Chat down by the ocean and then off to a gentle yoga class at Ocean Yoga.  Do I fit right in here or what? 


-The McNavigators