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Sam’s Castle, Pacifica CA

Mayor Mary Ann Nihart hosted a reception and welcoming at Sam’s Castle for us on our first evening in Pacifica.  This was another time on the trip where I was having such fun and into the conversations that I forgot about our camera.  There are a few shots to share.

We enjoyed meeting the ghosts of past folks (yes, I just said ghosts) who graced Pacifica over the years.  The castle was built in 1908 by the McCloskey family.  The 1906 Great Earthquake that hit San Francisco lead Mr. McCloskey to build an earthquake proof home for his wife.

In 1959 Sam Mazza purchased the castle; never taking up residence here, instead offering the castle for charitable functions and fundraisers.  The castle currently is the home of the Sam Mazza Foundation.

Sam’s Castle (currently under some renovation) and the view.


The ghosts!




-The McNavigators