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My Way, Your Way, Segway, Pacifica CA

Segway–if you haven’t been on one yet you need to get on it!  We felt futuristic with our helmets on riding our computerized, motorized, personal transporter.

Our party of five set out to explore the coastline.  Not even 100 yards from our training ground one of us went down.  Which one?!  I can never tell, but they wore a colored helmet beginning with “b”.

Famous last words, “thank God for the helmet.”  She (so now you know it wasn’t Dan) went down like the stick person on the safety video.  In her defense it was a bit of an obstacle course to get through.

Watch Dan get trained on the Segway.  Notice the look in his eyes!


Segway training.


The views along the way of Rockaway Beach and the quarry areas.




What a blast!  Beautiful scenery and a fun mode of transportation.

-The McNavigators