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Geiser Grand Hotel, Baker City, OR

We were fortunate to spend time with the owner, Barbara Sidway, of Geiser Grand Hotel.  She shared the story of the Geiser Grand and her love for preserving historic buildings.  Originally opened in 1889 as the Warshauer Hotel, named after its owners, the hotel is again reliving its glory days.

One of the hotel’s distinctive features is its cupola and clock tower that rises 130 feet above Main Street.  It is said that after a night of drinking it was not uncommon for the tower to be used for target practice (back then…not now!).

Barbara and her husband’s vision was to restore the hotel to its original beauty and according to the stories we heard and pictures we saw this was no simple undertaking—water was saturating the building (which if I remember correctly, it took two years to dry), the roof needed replaced, it was thick with pigeon droppings, basically the hotel was days away from being torn down.  But not anymore, it proudly stands.



Barbara hosted us and gathered some lovely people for a dinner party on our last evening.  I had such a good time this was the only shot I got all night!  (I had a couple glasses of wine….so it was all fun and no work!)  :)

We ordered beef!

-The McNavigators