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Historic Downtown: Baker City, OR

From the beginning of the Best of the Road Rally Baker City has stood out as being the most enthusiastic town awaiting our visit.  This enthusiasm continued throughout our visit.  Mayor Dennis Dorrah welcomed us yesterday and again this early Saturday morning.  As you can see we received a key to Baker City handcrafted by Jason.  He said it only took him a day to make, but I find that hard to believe!


Now off to explore the town on foot and then on a super sexy tandem bike!  Check us out!

A tandem bicycle adds a whole new dimension to cycling.  I would call this an exercise in trust.  The person in front, the captain, does the steering and the braking and the person in back, the stoker, does the trusting and of course pedaling.  Imagine riding a bike yet having no ability to steer or brake…..like I said, this builds trust!  SO FUN!  A must experience in my book!

Baker City is in a valley between the Elkhorn Mountains and the Wallowa Mountains.  It’s nice and flat so it makes for an easy walk or bike ride.  Here we go, off to explore its rich history.


Ching, Ching (that’s my bicycle bell)

-The McNavigators