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Are you having fun?

Along the way we’ve discovered a lot more questions than answers about the nature of fun:

Is fun an activity or a feeling?

Do we need to experience the absence of fun to recognize fun?

Why is what’s fun for some people is misery for others?

Is it about the biggest roller coaster or the biggest smile?

Can we predict what will be fun for other people? Do we always know what’s going to be fun for ourselves?

Does fun have anything to do with where you come from? How old you are? Your gender?

Which is better—having fun yourself or watching someone you love have fun?

Are familiar activities or new activities more fun?

Is who you’re with or what you’re doing more important?

Is ziplining more fun than having coffee with a friend? How do we rank levels of fun?

How important are your expectations? Your attitude? Can you force yourself to have fun? Can you resist fun?

Who is luckier, people who have the time and money to seek out fun, or the ones who find fun in what they do each day? I know, it’s a no brainer. We have met a surprising number of people of all ages and places who say what they do every day is fun for them.