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Always Remembered, Baker City OR

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Leo Adler, 1895 to 1993.  Mr. Adler was an entrepreneur at heart; at the age of nine he began selling magazines on a street in Baker City.  By age 20 he had created a major magazine shipping business.  He retired at age 77 after bringing his company to magazine sales of more than 3 million annually.

His legacy continues to thrive in Baker City through the Leo Adler Foundation where every Baker County high school student is eligible for assistance for college and vocational studies.

The City has restored Mr. Adler’s house to honor his life and legacy.  It is open to the public for tours.


The history keeps flowing at the Baker Heritage Museum where there are exhibits on the mining, timbering, ranching, agriculture, wildlife and geology of the area.  The museum is 33,000 square feet; one could easily spend a whole day in here.


The rock collection housed here is acclaimed as one of the finest in the United States, all 18 tons of it!  Absolutely beautiful!



-The McNavigators