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Tarpon Springs, FL – It’s all Greek to me!

Tuesday morning July 5th Leaving Gulfport and a quick trip to return the red SAAB convertible- thanks to the folks from Dimmitt for the parade loaner- we felt like King and Queen of the 4th riding in the parade!!Next stop Tarpon Springs- another amazing small town in Florida. Tarpon is an authentic Greek community with a population of about 25,000 known as the sponge capital of the world.

We were greeted by Sue Thomas, the President of the Chamber, who met us at Hella’s an award winning famous Greek restaurant that has been voted #1 “Where the Locals Eat”.

Our server, Takis, was a living commercial for Tarpon, he came straight from Greece and said he feels at home as he preserves the Greek culture through his grandmother’s cooking.He was proud to serve the combination platter of Gyro, Mousaka, Pastitsio, Dolmades, and tzatziki sauce.

It was all delicious and authentic-next came the traditional Greek salad which is the best we’ve ever had, and then the Broiled Octopus which we tasted for the first time but will definitely order again. The last thing Takis brought to the table was the Saganaki  (Flaming cheese) Opaa!  What fun!!

The mayor arrived and we talked for a minute about their town entering the best of the road next year and then went in to the bakery where we had a lot of trouble choosing from the amazing Greek pastries- we did choose the Napoleon and the Chocolate Kok for the road.

Side note- Sue Thomas, Chamber President, was from Costa Mesa, Calif.  So she offered some helpful hints for our visit there and wanted to come along. Looking forward to Tarpon Springs being one of the Best of the Road in 2012.

Next time it’s all about Lafayette,

Lots of Laughs

Jim and Bonnie, The Fun Finders