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Rapid City

Rapid City sits in the heart of America, geographically and emotionally. It is the center of American progress west, and the pioneering spirit. The people who came out there though brought with them the core ideas that our country was founded on.

This is why the Mt. Rushmore monument ended up in South Dakota. The patriotism of this place extends beyond the military base there, or the veteran’s support units. It transcends the historical societies. It picks up the story lines of the Native American and weaves them into our own. The patriotism of Rapid City is at once reverent and dynamic. People come from across the nation and across the world. They are drawn to this place on a pilgrimage.

Whether they come for understanding or enlightenment or just to feel a sense of wonder they are all drawn to the black hills and the history that is preserved here.

One of the most interesting parts of the area is the Hall of Records, a stone chamber carved behind Lincoln’s head into Mt. Rushmore. There in a titanium vault are ceramic documents. The most important documents of our nation. From Native American legends to the Constitution. The Hall of Records is the perfect metaphor for Rapid City, it is a hallowed tomb carved out of sacred ground to preserve the story of our nation and us as a people.