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The McNavigators Take Flight Over Sandpoint, ID

Up, up and away we go over Sandpoint.  What an opportunity to see this “most beautiful” landscape by air.  Our pilot, Ken Larson with Silver Wing Flight Services, flew us over the mountains, the river and the beautiful lake.


Lake Pend Oreille was glacially formed during the ice age.  Most of its shore is mountainous.  The mountains to the east are Green Monarchs, to the north are the Cabinet Mountains, the southwest the Coeur d’Alene, and to the northwest the Selkirk Mountains.  Don’t ask me which ones are which!



Sandpoint has been a popular spot for skiing since 1963 when Schweitzer Ski Mountain Resort opened.  The beauty of the surrounding mountains and Lake Pend Oreille brings visitors interested in skiing, water sports, fishing, horseback riding and hunting.



Below is a view of Sandpoint and the famous Long Bridge.  The Long Bridge seems to have a mysterious way of drawing people to move to Sandpoint.  Many locals shared with me their story of coming over the Long Bridge and knowing Sandpoint was to be their new home.  I love stories like that!


It’s a good thing we came into Sandpoint on hwy 200 from Montana (not across the Long Bridge) because who knows, we could be living in Idaho!

-The McNavigators