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Patriotism in Emporia

A little look at what Emporia feels is patriotic.

  1. Jessica Leeds

    I am PROUD to be from Emporia, Kansas!!! Thank you Captain and Clark for creating such a wonderful video showcasing our amazing town. Emporia, Kansas is the MOST Patriotic!!!

  2. Eva

    Emporia warms my heart! They do a great job showing patriotism is alive in America!

  3. Betty James

    We are Emporia, KS! The most patriotic community in America! We are always proud to show our patriotism to all who visit our community. It is our pleasure to tell our American story of how Veterans Day came to be. We enjoy simple pleasures in our commuity that many others envy.

  4. dad

    Its so good to hear other people’s thoughts on Patriotism, and how important it is, Good job to the wo of you.

  5. Jeanine

    Emporia welcomes everyone! We will show you its patriotism in all we do. It is how we live. Proud to be from Emporia, proud to be from Kansas and proud to be an American!

  6. Cheryl

    After interviewing countless committed patriots, I encourage you to consolidate your videos and do a “special” report on patriotism in America. The seniors are preparing the next generation. The younger generation honor the older one and are learning from them. During a time where many Americans are unhappy with the way our country is run and the direction it is going, it is heartwarming to see that America truly remains the land of the free and the home of the brave. Your videos have a voice….use them.