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Emporia Eats

When you drive through any town in America, you’ll most likely see restaurants named after their founders.  For example, you might see:  Gary’s Grill, Tanya’s Teriyaki, or Captain and Clark’s Country Corn on the Cobb.  But how often do you see Gary taking orders at his grill?  Does Tanya really hand you your teriyaki meal?  Do Captain and Clark bus your table?  The answer is probably no.  In Emporia, however, Carlos Ramos will serve up your lime margarita at Casa Ramos.  Bobby D will shake your hand when you order up a plate of ribs from -you guessed it- Bobby D’s BBQ.  Amanda actually busses tables after patrons finish their meals at Amanda’s Cafe and J hands out burgers and fries at J’s Carry Out Burger.

How awesome is that?  Emporia has the small town charm that we love.  It was like walking into Cheers- where everybody knows your name (and they’re always glad you came).  We were blown away when we were able to meet each and every one of the people that these wonderful restaurants were named after.  Let’s take a look at Emporia Eats…

Casa Ramos

If you love Mexican food it is imperative that you visit Casa Ramos in Emporia, Kansas. The food is superb and will keep you feeling full long after you’re finished scraping your plate. The enchiladas are to die for and the tostadas are about the size of your head! Each dish is extremely flavorful and comes packed with a lot of food.  It’s almost certain that you’ll have some to finish off once you’re back at home.

Don’t forget to try a lime margarita. They’re so refreshing and should also satisfy your thirst. Try not to drink them too fast though, they don’t skimp on the tequila. Make sure that you stop by Casa Ramos if you’re ever in Emporia. Tell Carlos that Captain and Clark say “hi”!

Amanda’s Bakery and Cafe

Amanda serves up the best sandwiches, soups, and salads in town.  Her menu features the freshest of ingredients and she makes her various breads fresh every morning.  Make sure you beat the lunch hour rush as there’s often a long line straight out of the door.   Try a greek salad or a big chicken salad sandwich.  If you’re having trouble deciding, just ask Amanda for recommendations.  As for us, we had salads but her sandwiches looked mouth watering.  They’re also very big.  You can order half sandwiches if you don’t think you’ll be able to muster the courage to finish a regular.

Try to save room for one of her scrumptious brownies, complete with marshmallows, cream cheese, and creamy fudge frosting.  It’s a dessert that you won’t want to miss!

J’s Burgers

J’s Burgers is the perfect place to stop on your way through town.  It’s fast, easy, and satisfying.  His burgers are extremely juicy and they come with all of the fixins.  With the price of a burger and fries, you really can’t go wrong.  They’re made as you order them and you’ll often get a complimentary ice cream on you way out.  You’ll find J working his way around the shop, making sure everyone is happy and enjoying their burger experience .

If you don’t have the time to stop in, no sweat.  J’s also has a drive-thru that will get you your order in a jiffy.  Make sure you stop in if you’re ever in Emporia.  You won’t regret it!

Bobby D’s BBQ

Cheesy potatoes, broccoli salad, fresh cole slaw- and these are just the sides!  When Bobby D does barbecue, he does it right.  You have your choice of smoked turkey, chicken, and even meat loaf.  The ribs will make you drool and they practically melt off the bone.  Bobby D caters to every kind of eater and they even have daily dinner specials that go easy on your wallet.

Bobby D is known to come by each and every table, offering a handshake and a smile.  He also has great menu recommendations- he is the expert after all.  His BBQ is the perfect dinner to compliment you night at Live in the Lot.

If you’re looking for a place to fulfill you hunger while enjoying the “small town feel”, look no further than Emporia, Kansas.  The food is not only fantastic, but you’ll feel like one of the family.  Be sure to tell Carlos, Amanda, J, and Bobby D that Captain and Clark say “hi!”

Keep on exploring,

Captain and Clark