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Across the mighty USA

As we near our last town we take a moment to reflect. We can’t believe this journey across America is almost over. We’ve had the joy of traversing the US in almost chronological order. Our first stop was the first colony, Jamestown, just outside of Williamsburg. We’ve driven through the South and through the growth of a young nation. As we studied Georgia we got to know about the baby steps of our country. We moved north, and forward through history, into Missouri and Tennessee. We rolled through the Civil War and the birth of a United Nation. Our last leg led us through Kansas and the pioneering years.

Today we make our way into South Dakota, and with that push we enter the era of the West. We’ve spent the last two days on the Lewis and Clark trail, and traced the story of America.

We can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

Keep on exploring.

-Captain and Clark

  1. Jeanine

    You are right. Everyone is a winner! Emporia is honored to be one of the finalist. What a great experience this has been. Captain and Clark . . . what an amazing journey you have been on. It has been our pleasure to meet you and to become friends!

  2. dad

    hat an amazing journey it has been ,and we have been able to be with you through your Videos, Thanks

  3. Cheryl

    NO ONE can judge the heart of the patriotic…. EVERYONE’S A WINNER!!!!

  4. Heather June Harvey

    This is quite beautiful. Nice work.