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What does patriotism mean to Clarksville?

There are a plethora of ways to be patriotic. As we make our way across the US we have to rely on each town we encounter to define what it is that makes them patriotic. Is it their love of their countrymen, or their support for the military, or even their passion for the ideals that we were founded on as a nation?

Here in Clarksville, Tennessee we take the time to investigate through discussion, what it is that makes this town’s patriotism worthy of the map.

Keep on Exploring.

-Captain & Clark

  1. Heather June Harvey

    I know i am partial (being from Clarksville and all) BUT this is your best video yet. It makes me home sick, it is a good thing I just passed my half way point over here across the pond!
    You have made me think about what my definition of patriotism is lately. My answer always ends up : Loving my neighbor, it all seems to end up right there.
    One last thing, can you give me a list of the great songs you have been using for the videos? i am having a hard time googling them ;-)

  2. dad

    your video says alot about the people of Clarksville, What a great community!

  3. Jodi

    Great job Tawny & Chris! It is a gift to us too for showing us these towns. Thanks

  4. Carmella Hustoft

    NIce to know there are places with patriotic values. Great video.

  5. Cheryl

    Oooooooooh….excellent video! I wouldn’t want to be a “Most Patriotic City” judge. There are NO losers, ALL of the towns deserve the distinction!!!! Thanks for educating and encouraging us through your reports!