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Clarksville, TN

Standing at attention on the northern border of Tennessee is a small town known as Clarksville. The moment we stepped out of the Saab we found ourselves hip deep in Civil War history. The museums we encountered were not stuffy boxes filled with sleepy plaques, but were old forts staffed by men in reenactment attire- firing muskets. The downtown district was a thriving brick labyrinth that sucked you back in time while hinting at the future.

Downtown Clarksville

Clarksville is also home to Ft. Campbell (101st Airborne division sound familiar?) and the fire you hear in people’s voices when they talk about the military is hot enough to fry catfish. You might think that zeal would come from the boys out on post, but in fact it is the civilian corp. outside the walls that proclaims the loudest.

A 50 gun salute to the Union

The people of this city love America. Everywhere we went there was a new group working to secure the future of our nation. The Bikers Who Care, is a non-profit group of leather clad road warriors. Their numbers include doctors, mechanics, and a grab-bag of other professions. Their mission is two-fold: ride motorcycles and support their community. Whether they are engaged in a toy drive, supporting a local children’s hospital, or guarding returning soldiers from protestors you’ll see them on the road protecting the American way. On a good day you might even see us flying along behind them.

Bikers Who Care

We could barely hear the fireworks (on both the 3rd of July and the 4th) over the din of people clamoring to tell us what they love about this country and how this town preserves it.

This is a town that loves America, and each other.

Keep on exploring.

-Captain & Clark