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Kayaking the Harpeth River, Franklin TN

There’s something about being in a kayak, on water, with miles of trees and greenery surrounding me that takes me to a place in awe of Mother Nature and to a quietness within.  Although this 2-hour kayak trip did have a little adventure with it when we encountered a fallen tree completly blocking our way.

Dan, my hero, balanced himself on the tree, pulled my kayak up and over safely and had me back in my zone within minutes!  If you’ve been following our tweets you know that our iTouch took a dive in the Harpeth and it was around this time that it took its plunge.  I was still able to capture some of the adventure on video.






This kayak trip reminded how just a little bit of nature can put me in a place of immeasurable peace.  Now that’s beautiful!

-The McNavigators