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Home for the Fourth!

We got into Gulfport, FL, close to home for us, on Saturday the 2nd and made the best of the opportunity to connect with friends.

Sheila Lopez -Sat Night

Destination Gulfport- Arrived Saturday afternoon

OMG, were we tired. We pulled an all nighter driving and stopping at McDonald’s parking lots for a few minutes sleep. How old are we? Sometimes we wonder. But we made it safe, sound and ready for a good long nap.

You can’t keep us down for very long and when we received a call from our friend Sheila with an invitation for dinner for 11:00 PM we accepted. More FOOD. I guess we did as many American’s do and went to a chain restaurant. The time was used for sharing our trip thus far, being encouraged by friends and taking a few moments to regroup. Gulfport tomorrow.

It was Sunday and we were in our home town. Connection and relationships are an important part or lives so we did as we normally do on Sundays and went to our home church, Anona UMC. For most churches FOOD is always involved and so we had a traditional Sunday church snack of coffee and donuts with our friends. It felt great to hear all the encouraging words from them. Two kinds of food were served – FOOD for the body and FOOD for the soul. This was a great way to begin a new week.

Exec. Minister Richard and our friend Pat

Pinellas Hope Sunday Night

To finish off day one in Gulfport we went to Pinellas Hope Tent City, a place we frequent often. We have been serving dinners there since the day they opened in December of 2007. We first started with the help of volunteers from our neighborhood. As this mission grew so did our need for help. We started a new homeless food ministry through Anona UMC, our home church. We now have 2 teams that feed 200-250 people Christmas, Easter and several times each month.

This night they honored us by hosting an Ice Cream Social. Of course Jim will not miss an opportunity to sing and encourage residents to participate in Karaoke with him. OMG! The quality and passion of some of these homeless residents was amazing. Tears of joy came easily as we watched them pour their hearts into singing. What a treat to serve ice cream sundaes to these people who rarely have them.

We left tired, refreshed in some ways and ready for a good night’s sleep. Wait a minute, we have to be up and ready to go out on a boat ride in Gulfport at 6:45 in the morning! Oh well, you can bet were not going to miss a boat ride. Were going to get a tour of Clam Bayou Nature Park.

Lot’s of Laughs

Jim and Bonnie Parr
The Fun FInders