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Glenwood Springs, Mountains of FUN

We had a gorgeous winding ride through Glenwood Canyon on our way to our 4th FUN town in our six city series, Glenwood Springs.  We couldn’t help but notice the Colorado River below, raging higher than it’s record year in 1952. We knew river rafting was part of the plan for this trip, and we wondered if we’d survive.

We arrived at Glenwood Springs, home of the largest hot springs pool in the world! The outside of our beautiful historic Hotel Denver is just as it was in the 1800s but beautifully renovated inside. Lovely antiques and handmade quilts decorated our room with comfy beds and air conditioning. Yes!

We had to hustle to get to the Glenwood Vaudeville Review Dinner Theatre. What a hoot! We got a kick out of the corny but funny jokes, touching songs, and silly skits.

The next day, Independence Day, we were up early to go white water rafting with Glenwood Canyon Rafting. Our guide Kate gave us tons of thrills but kept us safely in the boat. It was a great adventure–with giant rapids and BEAUTIFUL scenery.

The 4th of July activities were pretty modest during the day, but watching fireworks from the famous and enormous hot springs pool was unforgettable.

Our pedicures that were a gift from Spa of the Rockies blissed us out. Being pampered—another great way to have fun.

Paragliding was our most exciting adventure so far. It’s funny to think that such an incredible experience begins with a sprint off the edge of a cliff.  Jules laughs recalling the feeling of ‘running like Luigi (of the Mario Brothers)’ as her feet ran in circles in the air as the glide lifted her up off the ground.  Adventure Paragliding Company gave us a chance to soar peacefully over the mighty Colorado River. We never wanted it to end. EVERYBODY should do this!  It was a totally amazing experience, not scary at all, just really exciting. Our guides told us they’ve taken kids as young as four and seniors in their nineties and even blind people for successful flights.

We’ve seen lots of caves in our worldwide travels, so we weren’t as enthusiastic about Glenwood Caverns as we should have been.  It turned out to be an exceptionally pretty cave with all kinds of cool formations and funny and informative guides. Five stars for sure!

We also enjoyed the giant swing ride and the alpine coaster!  We had seen the swing standing tall on top of the mountain while rafting the Colorado River below, but it was a whole other thing to swing up into the sky and stare at the jagged cliff drop and roaring river far down below.  What a thrill!

We got lost and bumped into Ken Murphy in his storefront activity center, Glenwood Adventure Company. The next thing we knew, he invited us for a private ATV tour of the 5,500 acre Bair Ranch outside Glenwood. We loved racing through this gorgeous place where you can horseback ride, hike, feed the fish in a pond surrounded by wildflowers, or get married in a secluded lodge decorated with Colorado wildlife trophies.

While the ride was wildly exhilarating, we definitely needed a scrub before showing our faces around town…(those were black jeans).  Eat my dust!

Our evening and our visit ended at the evening street market, a weekly community affair with live music, local produce and cheesecake in a jar, along with plenty of other good stuff.  It was the perfect way to wind down.

Jules teases, “Is it possible to have a fun hangover?”  I think the answer is YES.

Glenwood Springs, thanks for the memories!