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Ft. Leonard Wood

When you talk about patriotism you have to talk about the military. On our journey across America we got to stop in the small town of Ft. Leonard Wood. It’s an interesting spot because it is more than just a small town, it is one of the most prominent Army Posts in the USA.

A huge amount of new recruits, all volunteers of course, come to Ft. Leonard Wood for basic training. For many, this is their first taste of Army life. It is their first taste of service to the country. For many others, it is the spot they choose to return to. For they know it and are supported there.

What that service entails though is a whole new volume. Obviously our military has been active for decades, standing on the front lines, defending the rights of America with their lives. It isn’t just abroad that they give of their time, their youth, and their blood. Here in the US, on our own soil, they work tirelessly to respond to natural disasters and to rebuild communities. Some communities, like Ft. Leonard Wood, recognize that sacrifice and give back to the soldiers with tremendous support. From USO (United Service Organization) to the AUSA (Association of the United States Army) to even the local bikers (Patriot Guard) there was never a lack of giving back to the soldiers while we were at Ft. Leonard Wood.

This community realizes the price these young men and women were brave enough to pay. They honor their bravery in volunteering to live this selfless life.

Ft. Leonard Wood is definitely a military post. If you were looking to visit a small town to learn about the military today then this would be your stop. You would find a town that from the museums to the barracks would escort you through a thorough and deep understanding of what it means to be an American soldier and the honor that comes with it.


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-Captain and Clark