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Welcome to Franklin, TN

And the welcoming begins!  Mayor Ken Moore officially announced the McNavigators arrival in the beautiful town of Franklin!  The Mayor proclaimed the day as “Best of the Road Rally Day”.


There were so many people that came out to welcome us at Town Square.  We found some fellow road trippers in the crowd and did a short interview.  Check out these cuties and how they make their car rides fun!


[wpvideo FNjR63U5]


Time to eat…..I forgot how much I eat when I’m on vacation!

Saffire was absolutely delicious–caesar salad with black strap molasses and chicken fried chicken over penne pasta.  Out of this world!  Saffire is located in The Factory, this complex of ten depression-era buildings housed four different factories over its industrial lifetime.  It now houses retail, restaurants and entertainment.




Even the Country Inn and Suites was ready for us.  Thank you for the welcome sign!


-The McNavigators