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Dinner on the Beach, Marco Island, FL

The stage is set–beautiful view on the Gulf of Mexico, cool breeze, live music, great food and friendly people!  Time for dinner!


Anyone that knows us is aware that we are not afraid to dive in to some good food!  Every bite was delicious.



After dinner Jerry Gibson, Chairman City Councilor, presented a proclamation for “Beautiful Marco Island” day and a key to the City of Marco Island.

The practice of giving a key to the city dates back to medieval times.  A key to the city gave an important diplomat or merchant the ability to pass at will into the city’s high walls and gates.  Today keys to the city are given to esteemed visitors, prominent locals, and worthy organizations.

How privileged are we?!  What an honor to be welcomed so warmly and sincerely by everyone.



Group photo and the McNavigators’ tradition of signing our Best of the Road sign.



And if the night wasn’t amazing enough already, it got even HOTTER!  Pyro Fusion, fire dance performers, heated up the night!  We took a video to share with you.




Pretty hot, right?!  :)

-The McNavigators