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Catamaran Sailing, Marco Island, FL

What a fine way to begin the day, a relaxing catamaran sail to Tigertail Beach to do some shelling.  Along the way we spotted dolphin; luckily for us were able to get within a few feet of them.

Dan found a pen shell while scanning the beach.  I told him to write a love note in sand for me and he ended up writing, “Best of the Road”.  It got washed out by waves before we could get a pic….serves him right!

One of the young girls on the sailboat with us found a sand dollar and her dad found an orange shell which he proudly deemed the University of Tennesse’s shell and guarded it fiercely for the rest of the trip!

After shelling Captain Craig sailed into the bay area where he assured us we’d see manatee.  He was right; we saw several occasionally coming up for air and swimming just under the water’s surface beside our boat.  None of the manatee pics came up clear enough, but stay tuned you might just see one in an upcoming post!



A big thanks to Captain Craig and his wife Tracy for creating this experience for us!

-The McNavigators