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Patriotism in Ft. Leonard Wood

We had the privilege of being allowed to join in with a lot of the ceremonies at Ft. Leonard Wood. To see the soldiers in action was a real treat. So much dedication and sacrifice comes from these men and women on a day to day basis. That commitment shouldn’t be forgotten or taken for granted.

As part of the day we got to see the whole gambit. Our guide for the day, Drill Sergeant of the Year Facio, took us to everything from a graduation ceremony for new recruits to a welcome home ceremony for soldiers home from Afghanistan. That is the strength of Ft. Leonard Wood. It isn’t just a military base, it is a town. It is a community staffed, maintained, and lived in by soldiers and civilians alike. In a country where volunteer veterans have to ride on motorcycles in front of the vans that bring home young men and women from the front lines so that anti-miltary riots don’t break out it’s good to have a town like Ft. Leonard Wood. It is a chance to remember that civilian or military, we’re all American.

Drill Sgt. of the Year

The Patriot Guard

The USO Pup

As a civilian visitor it was an educational trip. I’d recommend Ft. Leonard Wood to anyone who wants a place to learn more about the military and what they do. The people who choose to live around the base are committed to the core to all things military. We spent most of our time talking to USO members and local bikers who have taken up living in the area out of respect for the service the young men and women of Ft. Leonard Wood give.

Watch out for our full video on Ft. Leonard Wood tomorrow, but here’s a taste of their spitfire patriotism.

Patriotism of Ft Leonard Wood from Chris Staudinger on Vimeo.