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McNavigators Visit Franklin, TN

Our RV Film Crew captures the McNavigators exploring one of the Most Beautiful small towns in America: Franklin, TN.

  1. kellyesmurphy

    So much to see and do in beautiful Franklin, TN. Thanks Dan and JoAnne for showing the rest of the world!

    You guys make great travel show hosts!! May want to consider this as a new profession!!

  2. Franklin Tn

    Thank you for the wonderful video of Franklin, TN!
    We all absolutely LOVED having you all here our beautiful town! We are keeping the BBQ hot and the key to the city ready for your next visit! We hope to see you soon……

  3. Kellye Murphy

    Great job, Zach!! The video is awesome and your passion for your work shows!

  4. Kevin Pellatiro

    Beautiful shots of Franklin TN and our surrounding community. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing. Hope you guys get to make back later this year…