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Jet Skiing tour of the Ten Thousand Islands, FL

It didn’t take long to jump into our first adventure on Marco Island—arrived at 12p and out on the Gulf of Mexico by 2p!

WHEN (I say when and not if) you go to Marco Island be sure to go on this jet ski tour!  Marco Island is the largest island in the Ten Thousand Islands which boasts 99 miles of wilderness waterway.

Are there really ten thousand?  No…there’s alot but only in the hundreds we’re told.


While out jet skiing I was joined by a couple friends.  One dolphin got within a few feet of me.  I felt special!



The Ten Thousands Island consist of 35,000 acres of which two thirds are mangroves.  Mangroves are trees that grow in tropical and subtropical areas.  What makes this tree special is its ability to survive in salt water.  The Red Mangrove tree, found here in the Ten Thousand Islands, contains a waxy substance in its roots to keep the salt out.  Any salt that does get absorbed is sent to a single leaf on each branch that eventually turns yellow, dies and falls back into the water.


Did you notice how the roots look tangled?  This provides a nourishing habitat for fish, oysters, shrimp and even the birds.  With this anchored root system the land is protected from erosion and the effects of waves.

They also provide a buffer against the wind and waves during a hurricane.


Pelicans, ibis and the roseate spoonbill also joined us on our journey.



Dan’s quite the photographer catching this beauty in flight!  The roseatte spoonbill’s color is connected to its diet and can range from a pale pink to a bright magenta.  If you click on the picture you may be able to see its spoon-shaped bill.


This last picture is of a manatee’s nose.  Manatees can be found in shallow slow-moving rivers, estuaries, salt water bays, canals and coastal areas.  They feed on plants and can eat up to 10-15% of their body weight.  They average 800-1200 pounds and 10 feet long.  What a sight!!


I found myself laughing out loud, taking in the moment, this experience and the beauty surrounding me.  Later in the day I shared with Dan how I was laughing to myself and he did too!

What a way to kick off our exploration of Marco Island!

-The McNavigators