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Yellow Springs, Fun Fun Fun Here It Comes

Yellow Springs knows how to have fun (we knew it the instant they picked us up in a golf cart!). Their focus is on the Arts, but what they’re really about is the Art of living. You don’t need an expensive ticket to a glitzy attraction to enjoy yourself here. Two local JAFA (just another female artist) girls taught us the joys of yarn bombing, creating little bits of fun art all over town.
On the sidewalk you can get your Tarot cards read and Jules couldn’t resist. Is a Best of the Road win in our future?  (Fingers crossed for the 10K and Saab 9-4X SUV!)
 Hanging out with the firemen was a childhood dream come true.
Visiting town shops and restaurants is a truly unique experience since chain stores are forbidden. What a refreshing change from outlet malls!  (Thank you for the warm welcome!)
We danced to the music of talented local musicians and belly dancers (including Jules in her purple polo), and fire dancers danced for us. The community gathers regularly for free outdoor events with music, food, and most of all, a chance to have fun with your neighbors, which is pretty much everyone in this town of a little over 3,000 folks.
Everyone told us they love “the Glen,” a peaceful bit of nature and a dream of a backyard.  We saw the town’s namesake, the yellow springs, and two kinds of owls!

We saw lots of painted murals, even in unlikely places like Keith’s Alley. I loved all the art galleries. The pot shop is a place for everyone and anyone to make art.

I like to think I am a coffee expert, and Yellow Springs was heaven in that department. Each cup here was better than the last. We loved our restaurant meals at Winds Cafe & Bakery and Peaches. The food is delicious and healthy. It’s the only place in America where kids might ask you if the Halloween candy is vegan, said one local.

People are so welcoming here. They were proud to tell us that doors are still left unlocked and kids are free to roam the town and surrounding woods.

Mister Omar, the chess coach, gives kids a chance to learn and play all at once.


Yellow Springs is a place to be who you are. Perhaps that’s why famous comedian Dave Chappelle chose it as his home. In the Main Squeeze smoothie shop (yum!) HE actually interviewed US about the Best of the Road contest, and gave Yellow Springs top marks in all categories. I do, too.