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Keep Nacogdoches Friendly


Keeping Nacogdoches friendly was the running theme in this town.  We started our day off at the visitors center where we were greeted with “hey yall”, hugs and cheers.

We even got some texas attire to help us blend in for the day.  because you can’t come to texas and not be a cowboy, it just wouldn’t be fittin’.

Now that we are all gussied up, it was time to go meet Bertha!  The oldest fire truck in Nacogdoches!  She is almost 100 years old and still tickin!  We got to go for a very special ride.  Bertha is not even used for hometown parades anymore, so it was a rare occasion that she came out of the museum!  She is not as young and spry as she once was, she doesn’t like to stop, so you have to keep moving or she vaporlocks, so needless to say it was more of a quick pause at a stop sign.

We bopped in and out of some of the Texas Certified Friendly stores.  II know the name “Texas Certified Friendly” sounds made up, but it’s not!  It is a real program that requires the vendors and employees to go through hospitality training to ensure a friendly environment.  It really is impressive to see how many shops and resturants have gone thought the training.

We had a very lovely lunch with the mayor where we got to hear all about how he didn’t intend to move to Nacogdoches.  He and his family were just driving through when their car broke down.  When a local couple found out about the travelers stuck in town, they called their hotel and said “we are having a party, so we got you a sitter and we are coming to get you”.  The people overwhelmed him and his family with kindness so they decided they would come back for good.  The mayor was so approachable and carried on a conversation almost as if he were just meeting up with old friends.  He is also the town dentist so you can discuss your dental hygiene and your tax dollars at the same appointment!

After lunch, we headed to Millard’s Crossing historic village.  Susie and Roz give the best tour we have ever had!  You revert to childlike behavior and excitement with these ladies giving a tour.  We washed clothes on a washboard, dressed up, attended school and went to the shed to prepare for field work.  We were having such a good time, we didn’t want to leave!

Nacogdoches is gearing up for its first film festival this year and is raising money through events to help fund the project.  We just happened to be in town for the screening of a new Zombie movie.  Everything was in full decor from costumes to bloody cakes and meat lined sculls. It was a freakishly friendly charitable event.