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Traveling Jules and Joan Visit Yellow Springs

Traveling Jules and Joan hit the second stop on their search for the Most Fun small town in America: Yellow Springs, OH where the RV Video Team joins them.

  1. Sue P.

    Jules and Joan,
    You are the sweetest people, I loved meeting you
    and you fit right in here!
    I hope you come back and see us, and stay longer.
    There are hidden treasures and qualities here that
    merit a longer visit. You might try one of our
    “bed and no breakfasts”, and then eat
    at the Sunrise Cafe’ or Williams’ Eatery or
    check out Current Cuisine or the Emporium.
    There is a wonderful exhibit on math and art
    at Antioch College which I’m guessing you
    didn’t get to see. We are so excited that
    Antioch is reopening this fall! Come back!

  2. Yvelyse Santiago

    Yellow Springs Ohio is a winner for me. I’m a City girl at heart, but when I visit Yellow Springs I find something the City doesn’t offer, and that’s heartfelt serenity, and lots of walking road where I don’t have to worry about being run over by lots of traffic. Of course, my little grandson, who also loves to walk, is my walking buddy, while my granddaughter, is my tour guide. I have five reasons for loving Yellow Springs: Mario, Alice, Carina, Mateo and Yellow Springs itself.

  3. jonny

    awesome video. i loved the band – they looked like high schoolers! do they have a name?

    • heftybirdsbird

      Wheels, they are between 14 and 17 and utterly amazing, check them out on youtube, they’ve just released their first album, I think they have a show in dayton on sat night but I think it’s already sold out!

  4. Soul Fire Tribe

    We had a blast with you! Come back again soon!

  5. bookplateink

    Yellow Springs is a wonderful town in so many ways. I’m glad all of you were able to enjoy it with us and bring out the pride Yellow Springers have!

  6. Wordell

    Will you accept an Atlantan (an “X” Atlantan…if I’m accepted) in your community? I gotta’ get out of here! No, I’m not a criminal…just very tired of the big city that isn’t what it used to be. Yellow Springs sounds/looks like where I want to be. I’ll visit mid July.

    • Les G.

      Of course we would accept you! You would fit right in here! There are others of your kind already living among….oh, wait. Nevermind. I thought you said Atlantean.

  7. Lara Bauer

    Thank you Best of the Road for capturing the heart and spirit of Yellow Springs so well! We love it here and can’t imagine living anywhere else!

  8. Lisa Goldberg

    Thanks you all for doing such a wonderful job summing up some of the fun to be had in Yellow Springs. We really did have fun getting to know you and sharing our community with you.

  9. heftybird

    Hands dow best place to live in america

    • heftybirdsbird


    • 72bat

      “hands down best place to live in america”
      this from an unassuming ex-pat brit who brews great beer here in ys, winning an award in last year’s ohio state fair brewing competition!
      we luv ya, chris! thank the brew gods you settled here.

  10. jafagirls

    FAB video. It was fun having you all in town.

    • heftybirdsbird

      That was the most fun we,ve had on a tuesday since last Tuesday