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The Next Leg

Our time in Peachtree City (the largest golf cart city in the world) was sweet and all too brief. While we were there to explore their patriotism, we found that they were also strong contenders for most fun, friendliest, and most beautiful town. We even had a baked potato pizza that made us question not only why they weren’t in the best food category, but also our whole life up to that point.

The pie of decadence

Tomorrow we embark at the twilight hours of the morn on our way to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. We’ll be taking a detour through Alabama so that Chris can finally visit the one state he’s never been to. Just in case that wasn’t exciting enough we’ll also be taking only back highways.

Our first two long hauls we’ve spent on freeways. This isn’t the way to do a road trip. A road trip is an American right of passage, it’s our great pastime. As the ultimate migrant nation it is fitting that our national sport should be a nomadic procession across the nation.

We’re taking highways from now on so that we can interact with the land around us- so that we can stumble into towns, meet people, and dig our fingers into the heart of our country.

On the Road

Peachtree City was a gem of a town. So few places live the American dream as fully as they do. They are a pioneering community that takes the ideas of diversity, community support, and entrepreneurial ambition down off the shelf of rhetoric and use them everyday. Every member of the community was all to happy to talk to us about anything we asked. If anything, our biggest problem was not having enough time to talk to the locals. Every one of them wanted to sit down, have some tea, and talk like we were family.

Taking Flight in Patriotic Peachtree City

We’ll be putting our full report on the town up tomorrow but to hold y’all over we’ve assembled a little teaser of what you can expect in the haven of Peachtree City, one of the most Patriotic small towns in the USA.


Keep Exploring!