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Myrtle Beach, Fun to the Max

Hello, Myrtle Beach!  We couldn’t be happier to see you!

There are a bizzillion things to do.  Its bigger than we thought it would be, and there is plenty of fun fun fun for everyone.

With 60 miles of uninterrupted beaches, how could you complain!

We took a trip up the new SkyWheel with our new friends Kim Miles with the CVB and City Councilman Randall Wallace.


Randall and TravelingJules took a stomach-dropping ride on what’s called “the slingshot,” a reverse bungee jump!  WHEEEEE!!

And did you know Myrtle Beach is the mini-golf capital of the world??  Guess who won!

Families with kids love the water parks and amusement parks.

We loved dipping our feet in the ocean and eating ice cream on the boardwalk.

Myrtle Beach is a popular spot for Carolina shag dancing (YES, shag dancing).  We missed out on lessons, but we enjoyed seeing feet hippity-hop on the dance floor at Fat Harolds.  They also has 8 live performance theaters, so we saw the longest running show in Myrtle Beach, the Carolina Opry.

And, we were so pleased to find a hidden sanctuary for kayaking.  We paddled down the Waccamaw (a black river!) and saw marshmallow plants, osprey nests, tree frogs and turtles!  We didn’t see any alligators, but we hear they live here too!

Thank you, Myrtle Beach, for an AMAZING visit.  We think you’re lots of FUN!  :)