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Georgia on my mind

We have Georgia on our minds as we head out of Valdosta today.  We hate to leave, but we must press on.  Before we go we stop at Stage 51 coffee for lattes on the go and some sammys! We failed to look at the board until we were out the door, so we missed out on the cupcakes. Dang, lesson learned, always check the board!

Our route today is Valdosta, GA to Jackson, MS about a 9 hr drive.  Not to worry,we had lots of entertainment along the way.   As we drove highway 80 we saw lots of fun stuff, like what has to be one of the worlds biggest roosters (insert another term for rooster if you really want a giggle) and a sign for Cuba!  The sign for Cuba threw us for a loop, we thought our Randy (our Rand McNally GPS) had lost her way, so we had to pull over and check the big map!  We did make it to our complementary Country Inn and Suites for the night safe and sound!