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Williamsburg Wrap-Up

We’ve had so much fun being on the road with USA Today and Rand McNally!  Our first stop on our six town tour was Williamsburg, Virginia and we had an absolute blast!  We could easily write up a fancy-shmancy description for the video below, but we want it to speak for itself.  We sincerely hope you enjoy!

Keep on exploring,

Captain and Clark


  1. emoffitt

    Great part of our history! Thanks for sharing. And leave it to Chris to get arrested… glad to see you are out and on your way again :)

  2. Jeff Rockstrom

    I would have to say that Williamsburg does qualify as one of the most Patriotic cities. Would love to go back and spend time there just soaking up the history of our country.

  3. Mike Corey

    “Let freedom ring” made me laugh. I’m also going to put a bet that Chris bought one of those hats before he left. Great vid!