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Title Town

Valdosta from Gone With the Wynn’s on Vimeo.

We wake up bright and early for breakfast and to meet our tour guide Michael Jetter, Interim Director for the Valdosta CVB.  We start the morning off with a quick stop at the local talk radio station to tell everyone a little bit about what  Best of the Road is.  Once we had everyone up to date, we stroll over to Kings Grill, a long-standing locals breakfast stop.  As soon as we walk in the door, we knew we were in for some local flair.

 As we make our way outside, the locals couldn’t help but notice our fancy SAAB and the logos on the side.  After a few min of chit chat we are quickly becoming friends.  We leave them with a couple of Best of the Road T-shirts to remember us by.

Moving right along arrive at the visitors center (a beautiful place), to meet the staff and see the famous Title Town Trophy.  A local football coach joins us to give us a better idea of what Title Town means.  Title Town is all about spirit and this town has loads of it.  We are quickly learning that they regularly seek out friendly competiton not only in team sports but in everything.  Valdosta has a lot of town pride and they love to show it.  The town has a long list of accomplishments and awards such as Title Town USA, one of the top 100 places to live, and most recently their City Manager Larry Hanson inducted into Municipal Government Hall of Fame.

We wave goodbye and on to the next location we go, Wild Adventures Park, and the name says it all!  It is so amazing that a small town manages to have such a big town attraction!  We got to know some of the very friendly wild life and some wild rides!

Now that we have worked up an appetite, we are escorted to our lunch destination, Covington’s.  We refueled on yummy salads, sandwiches and of course sweet tea!

Next up on our journey, meeting up with some volunteers.  We head over to a neighborhood where homes are being renovated by a group of youth.   They were all from different areas of the country but came to Valdosta as part of their summer mission trip.  It was inspiring to see everyone working so hard to improve a neighborhood and the homeowners couldn’t have been more grateful!