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Williamsburg – Day 1

Captain Chris and Dr. Kelso at the Jamestown Site

In the thick summer heat of Virgina, Tawny and I began to explore the birth of America. As we drove around Williamsburg we were thrown back in time. The streets are paved with crushed rock, the buildings are circa the 1600’s, and the citizens often wear colonial clothing. Every shop and hot spot is a proud testament to the lineage of this country.

Williamsburg is part of the “Historic Triangle.” Mere moments away from downtown you literally stumble into Jamestown, the first colony of the US and the first time men in the modern world could own land based on enterprise and not family lineage. The Jamestown site  is currently being excavated  by the man who could have easily inspired Indiana Jones, Dr. William Kelso. You can go down to the dig site and watch (from an arm’s reach away) as he and his team dive through the soil in pursuit of the story of our origins.

When we arrived, he took us into the church tower (a brick structure still standing) where the first settlers met and began the first representative government. A keystone of the government we have today and a representative that has met longer than any other.

When you think about the cradle of the United States you should think about the “Historic Triangle.” Jamestown was the birth, Williamsburg was the capital, and Yorktown was where the colonists made the decisive battle for independence.

Tawny and Chris at the Jazz and Cake Social

This was the spot where the Native Americans, the European colonists, and West Africans came into one another’s company and had to learn to deal with one another in a world together; at times bloody and dark and in others refined. This would be our first chapter as a nation.

Life fire drills at the interactive fort.

In Williamsburg, the history of America- your history, is hands on. The College of William and Mary is the Alma Mater of the Nation. George Washington received some education there as well as Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler, and James Monroe.

Museums aren’t just museums in Williamsburg, they are centuries old buildings filled with men and women who burn with a zeal for the US and its history. From re-enactors to professors, everyone will take you through the town and show you around. The only thing we’ve found to be more impressive than their patriotism is their warmth.

Tomorrow we’re off with the Fife and Drums to walk through the historic colonial district which, I’m excited to say, is also the farmer’s market every Saturday. A farmer’s market where, “if you don’t make it yourself, it isn’t allowed in.”

Here’s a quick overview of all that we’ve seen so far. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the cradle of American culture!

-Captain Chris