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Let freedom ring!

Day 2 of our adventure with USA Today and Rand McNally’s Best of the Road… and Oh MAN America, we have quite the update for you! Let us tell you, Williamsburg, Virginia is patriotic to the extreme. This town bleeds red, white, and blue and we feel so privileged to be experiencing the sheer amount of American love that we have felt today.  We spent the majority of the day trolling through amazing American history museums, visiting archaeological dig sites, celebrating a local museum’s birthday, enjoying fantastic food, and meeting some incredible people.

We took a ton of footage today and we cannot wait to make a little video for you.  Until then, take a peek at what we worked on yesterday while on day one of our road trip.  Be sure to check in regularly as we have quite the day planned for tomorrow (hint: there will be a carriage ride and a drum line).  We also have our good friends in the chaser car with us and they’re putting together some pretty incredible footage of our night in Williamsburg.

Keep on Exploring,

Captain and Clark