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EXPLORE AMERICA: Superman Celebration

If you’ve ever yearned to put on a cape and fight evil, this is a good place to start. For 30 years, the town of Metropolis has been celebrating its connection to the Man of Steel, proudly proclaiming itself Superman’s hometown and even throwing an annual party in his honor. Each June, superhero fans from around the world gather here to enjoy the super-festivities, most of which center around the 15-foot Superman statue that dominates downtown. In 2008, the celebration included an attempt to set the world record for most people dressed like Superman in one place (final count: 122). Other events include Superman movie showings, celebrity guests, a 1940s Hollywood Ball, carnival rides, and musical entertainment. If you have any non-Superman fans inexplicably in tow, they can enjoy the car show and arts and crafts booths.

According to DC Comics, Superman was born in Smallville and moved to Metropolis as a young man, where he worked as a newspaper reporter while moonlighting as the Man of Steel. In the town you’ll find a museum filled with the largest Superman collection in the world, a newspaper named after the Daily Planet, a Superman statue standing above the words “Truth—Justice—The American Way,” and enough Superman souvenirs to keep even the most enthusiastic fan well-stocked. Plans are underway to erect a statue of Lois Lane to accompany Superman.

The Superman Celebration will take place from June 9-12, 2011, in Metropolis, Illinois. Telephone (800) 949-5740. http://www.metropolischamber.com

Photo credit: ©Metropolis Planet

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