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EXPLORE AMERICA: Moon Marble Company

This is your favorite way to spend Saturday. Your mom said for a good report card, you get to go marble shopping, but you can only get five. Just five. This will take some time. You need to pick up one, get a feel for it. Inspect it. See how the smooth glass and the weight feel in your hand, carry it around. They need to be like a rabbit’s foot, something you hold and can get a sense of weight from. That doesn’t even take into account the pattern of color and light.

This is what the Moon Marble Company is all about, simple games and simple pleasures from a more innocent time. Inspired by his nostalgia for playing with marbles as a child, owner and artist Bruce Breslow opened the Moon Marble Company in 1997. The shop features a series of toys and games there were popular in the 30s, 40s and 50s. There is a large selection hand fused marbles that can be used for everything including decoration and games. The shop also has wooden toys and board games. Breslow creates the marbles himself and gives demonstrations on glass making pretty regularly. Located in Bonner Springs, Kansas, the shop is open Tuesday through Saturday.

The Moon Marble Company is located at 600 E Front Street in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Telephone 913-441-1432. http://www.moonmarble.com/

Photo credit: ©Rand McNally/Laurie Borman

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