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EXPLORE AMERICA: New Mexico Farm & Ranch Museum

Windmill and blacksmith shop at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Museum

Spanning more than 47 acres with the Organ Mountains looming in the background, the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum demonstrates more than 3,000 years of agricultural and farming history. Visitors mingle with livestock as they make their way toward the Historic Green Bridge (constructed in 1902) or to the Skaggs Dairy Barn to watch cows being milked. At the blacksmith shop, craftsmen recycle old engine parts and other metals, and forge them into knives, nails, and other materials. Be sure to check the website for a schedule of events; the museum often hosts cooking demonstrations utilizing local ingredients like bell peppers, black beans, and chili peppers.

New Mexico Farm & Ranch Museum is located at 4100 Dripping Springs Road, Las Cruces, New Mexico. Telephone (575) 522-4100. http://www.nmfarmandranchmuseum.org/

Photo credit: ©Rand McNally/Erin Vorhies

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